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Vibracoustic in South Korea

Vibracoustic presents a broad product portfolio at the Seoul Motor Show 2017. Enhanced materials, product design, process and testing technologies enable the company to introduce new innovative products and technologies for the Korean market. Vibracoustic products, such as engine mounts, torsional vibration dampers, isolators and dampers, chassis mounts, air springs as well as micro cellular urethane components help to increase comfort, safety and durability and contribute to light-weight and cost-efficient powertrain and chassis systems.

With approximately 300 dedicated employees, Vibracoustic Kunhwa operates one site in Daegu, South Korea with engineering and manufacturing capacities for conventional engine and chassis mounts, hydromounts, bushings, isolators, and dampers. Customers in South Korea include major local and global automotive OEM and Tier 1 suppliers.

Exhibitor: Vibracoustic GmbH

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